About me

I am a Web Designer of Finnish ethnicity (lived in Australia for 30 years with English as mother tongue) specializing in the following…

  • Building websites based on Joomla and WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS) on a solutions integrations approach, using various existing software packages brought together to produce the final functioning website
  • Problem solving
    – Recover from hack intrusion
    – Correct page display faults (layout rendering issues)
    – General troubleshooting

My skill set is around above mentioned CMS’s and the following with self valued rating

  • CSS3 (exceptional)
  • HTML 5 (advanced)
  • PHP (moderate)
  • Javascript/jQuery (moderate)
  • Making existing templates/themes mobile device compatible using CSS/Jquery patching (advanced)
  • Web server administration
    – WHM/Cpanel
    – Plesk
    – Manual configuration of barebone Linux server OS environments
  • Mimicking the look of an existing website, using it for inspiration to make a website look like another when creating a new theme/template (exceptional)

What I do not do.

In general, I do not take on complicated projects involving creation of a system matching a real world application. Something of this nature is a booking system for a hotel for example – however if an existing software solution is readily available I can install and configure it such as adding an online shop functionality for selling material and virtual goods online.

My goal is to build websites for clients need that can be built in a timely manner for the purposes of establishing an online presence or selling online.

I am more of a Web Designer than a Web Developer.